Top of the Week September 27, 2018
Top of the Week!
September 27, 2018
Crutches for Africa
Past President Bill relates the following regarding C4A:
“The next outgoing shipment for Crutches 4 Africa will be on October 6, starting at 9 AM. It will be held at our storage site at 20 Gooch St., Biddeford, ME 04005.
As you may remember the funds necessary to make this happen totaling $6,000.00 have been provided by our very own William Cash Fund and we should feel justifiably proud of this fact.
I recently assisted in driving a load of mobility devices up to the site and believe me there has been such an outpouring of support for this project. I haven’t an exact figure as to how many volunteers are needed but ‘many hands make short work’. Last year there were 8 of us from Portsmouth and perhaps 30 or 40 people total.
The job consists of packaging, packing and stuffing a 10ft x 10ft x 40ft container as full as possible. There was a good showing from interact clubs in the region which is why I’ve added Joanie to this email believing that perhaps this is a wonderful opportunity for a Portsmouth Interact project. We start at nine and we’re out by 12 or 1 feeling good about all we’ve accomplished. If you would like to volunteer your presence would be appreciated.
This is the kind of project you bring your significant other, brother or sister or mature children too for a day out helping people we will never meet but will be grateful to you for making their lives just a little bit easier. “
Please let Bill Hurley know if you would like to participate.
National Alliance on Mental Illness
And this from NAMI:
Every year, mental illness impacts the lives of one in five adults and children across the United States. 
NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) New Hampshire is committed to improving the lives of all people affected by mental illness and suicide through support, education and advocacy.  As a grassroots coalition of people living with mental illness and their families, NAMI NH has over 35 years of service to Granite State children, transition age youth, adults, and seniors, offering statewide activities which provide education/training and support to individuals, families and communities.  The organization also promotes and provides advocacy and empowerment at the individual/family level as well as at the systems level by offering members, volunteers, and stakeholders training and graduated opportunities to build confidence in advocacy and leadership skills. Last year, NAMI NH provided support, education and advocacy to over 21,000 individuals.
At NAMI NH, we envision a future where people affected by mental illness have hope, help, and health, and are able to:
  • Access the supports and evidence-based treatment necessary for recovery;
  • Have a lifespan that is not cut short by suicide or co-occurring conditions; and
  • Reach their full potential, living in their communities free from discrimination.
On September 30, 2018, for the 16th consecutive year, hundreds of Granite Staters will lace up their sneakers and do their part to support their loved ones, friends, co-workers, and neighbors affected by mental illness and suicide.  Last year over 1,200 Walkers participated in NAMIWalks New Hampshire, the single largest mental health awareness raising event held in the state.  The proceeds from the Walk help sustain life-changing programs at NAMI NH that raise awareness and decrease stigma, help end the isolation that families experiencing mental illness feel, and work to prevent suicide.  We hope the Portsmouth Rotary Club will consider supporting the Walk this year.
Fourteen years ago, I found support and compassion at NAMI NH while struggling to understand a family member’s mental illness.  Perhaps someone you know has an illness like this and you’ve seen it firsthand; it is impossible to describe the strain mental illness places on family members.  Without NAMI support groups, my family might have collapsed under the stress.  Most importantly, I learned that I was not alone.  I am asking you to support funding for NAMI New Hampshire’s family and individual support and education programs.  NAMI’s programs are offered free to those in need of help and hope.  Your support of NAMIWalk will help make sure these programs and services are available to the next family who needs them.
An overview of the NAMIWalks NH Sponsorship Opportunities and Benefits is attached for your review. (click on link below)  Our Tax ID number is 22-276073.  Should you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me at 603-913-5002 or
Thank you for your kind consideration of our request.  Together, we can ensure thousands of Granite Staters affected by mental illness and suicide find help and find hope.
Robin Alvanos
NAMI New Hampshire Volunteer 
Serving Up Smiles at the Salvation Army
Caitlin Burke, Bill Hurley, Sara Treacy and Betsy Scott served up a delicious meal and lots of smiles.
If you think you might want to help out at the next Salvation Army service, contact Sara Treacy.
Sorry We Missed You
If you have a makeup for a missed meeting, please email it to the following link:
Check Your Profile
The Communications Committee is asking that everyone log onto ClubRunner and check your profile to make sure it is up to date.  Change is part of life and we hope to be able to reflect those changes in our website.  Happy surfing.
Rotary Connections is back!!!
Rotary Connections let’s our members know that their Rotary club is thinking of them.  Members facing a health issue, death in the family or a life celebration, we are here!  
If you know of any of our members who may need a Rotary Connections, please reach out to the Cathy Nickerson or President Ben.
Let us Know What is Happening!
If you have an event or news that you would like to share with your fellow Rotarians, please forward the information to Dennis Moulton for inclusion in the weekly eBulletin. My contact information is  And please send photos!
Rotary Log for September 20, 2018
Rotary Log for September 20, 2018
President Cleo struck the bell and welcomed fellow Rotarians and friends to the last meeting of summer. Following her pledge, Al Lantinen led us in song. Greeter Peter Grace tested the assemblage. Sara Treacy offered an eloquent invocation.
Guests (and Rotarian hosts)
Danijela Allen (Gene Doherty’s guest)
Associate CEO of Portsmouth Hospital Nick Vetranu (Deb Grabowski)
Former Rotarian Joe Pace (Ben Wheeler)
Pat Novello (Nancy Clayburgh)
Dan Blen (Yvonne Legge)
Rotarian Jan Magnusson visited us again from Anderstorp RK, Sweden
Basic Needs’ Cathy Nickerson reiterated that Cross Roads is our new partnering charity for 2018-19. Cross Roads EO Martha Stone thanked the club for selecting the organization. Cross Roads is a local homeless shelter that services about 500 people a year. Martha shared that 88 people were staying at the shelter the night before, about a third of them children.
Cleo disclosed that Basil had a heart attack but is doing ok. Please send your thoughts and prayers to our beloved fellow Rotarian as he goes into heart surgery.
Crutches for Africa will be hosting a loading party in Biddeford on October 6th from 8am-12pm. Reach out to Joe Cunningham or Bill Hurley to help volunteer. This program has contributed more than 500 mobility devices to those in need in Africa.
We welcomed Heather Inyart as a new member. She is sponsored by Tristan Shanley. A Rhode Island native and Steelers fan, Heather was a rotary college fellowship recipient in college. That fact inspired her to become more involved and she is especially excited about Christmas tree sales! Heather works for NH Made, a non-profit which seeks to increase awareness and demand for locally made products.
Happy Dollars/Raffle.
Ben Wheeler contributed $2 because his oldest daughter broke her arm. Don’t worry, though. DCYF was not called to his house and his daughter is on her way to recovery.
Cindy Shanley added another $2 to the pot as Tristan’s twins just turned two.
You can’t put a price tag on happiness, however. Art was feeling especially so and he put a $50 bill in the bucket to prove it. He is celebrating the birth of his 5th great grandchild!  
Yvonne donated $5 for experiencing a “full circle” moment when she met a polio survivor now turned dedicated Rotarian. Proof that the work Rotarians do towards eradicating polio touches the lives of many.
Finally, Rick contributed $2 in honor of being exactly 100 days away from marrying his best friend.
Peter Weeks won the 50/50 raffle of $59 but it was not a match. $250 will go back in the pot for the next lucky winner.
Guest Speakers.
Our guest speakers all came from Wentworth-Douglass Hospital. Paul Fennessy was a former patient and caregiver to his wife who was also a patient there. When Paul’s wife was diagnosed with cancer in April 2015, they sought the best treatment at Wentworth’s Cancer Center. A month later Paul suffered a heart-attack and felt confident that Wentworth-Douglass could take care of him, too.  It sounds like their family has had the worst of luck but in reality, Paul believes it’s had the best, thanks to the staff at Wentworth-Douglass. Two years later, Paul and his wife are healthy and happy.
Dr. Kate Collopy is Director of Nursing Education, Research & Innovation at Wentworth- Douglass Hospital. Dr. Arul Mahadevan is the Radiation Oncologist and Medical Director there. The two shared the huge strides being made by the hospital—all designed to makr it the Seacoast’s best care center. Wentworth recently partnered with Mass General to build a new full-service cancer center at Pease opening next spring. The hospital understands you can receive treatment anywhere, but feels that the experience of their doctors makes Wentworth’s care better.
Travlyn for Jaclyn is one of the many support group programs offered. This program grants “wishes” for adults. It also provides them with experiences away from being a patient for a day.
Dr. Mahadevan gave us a sneak peek at their multi-disciplinary high-tech conference room. The facility will allow staff to call world-ranked doctors all over the globe and receive feedback and advice on treatments. It virtually eliminates barriers to treatment.
The team also promoted their upcoming Seacoast Cancer 5k, slated for last Saturday. The event is expected to raise $325,000. All proceeds go directly to patient programs.
Everyone walked away from Thursday’s meeting feeling truly thankful to live near a hospital with such innovative care. It seems Wentworth-Douglass staff really go beyond in caring for their patients. Stay healthy!
Respectfully submitted, Madeline Warren
Photos by Tube Loch
New Members Photos
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Sep 27, 2018
Getting a Ride - Volunteer Driver Program
Oct 04, 2018
Cabot Dairy Cooperative on the Dairy Business/Indusrty & Our local Farms
Oct 11, 2018
Polis: (R) Governor Chris Sununu & (R) US Congressional Candidate 1st District, Eddie Edwards
Oct 18, 2018
CLIPPERS Farm to School Program
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