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Our club service chair is Bob Lewis.

Club service is the "engine room" of our Rotary club. It includes all the necessary activities that keep our team functioning and productive. Managing internal activities such as board meetings, handling new member selection and briefings, handling dues and finances, disbursing funds to non-profits, keeping attendance records -- all these, as well as the website and many more, are club service functions.

Many of our local Rotary events and activities are club service functions. As one example, for many years Rotarians have volunteered their time and energy to sell Christmas Trees at Lafayette Plaza between Thanksgiving and Christmas. This activity is a major fundraiser for our club, and the net proceeds flow to needs in our community.

Who's in charge of attendance?  Who do I call to get something in the bulletin, on the website?  Who's the program chair, the head of the road race, the new member team or involved in public relations?  For the answer to these, and many other questions, click on the committee list download file.