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The members of Portsmouth Rotary are happy to open our doors to members of the working press.

Because we have frequent interest in press attendance, we have prepared guidelines for visitors who would like permission to cover our meetings.   Please contact Frank Firicano, if you want further information.


Media Guidelines from the Portsmouth Rotary Club

Welcome to Portsmouth Rotary: we are a civic group of over 134 members, volunteering countless hours of community service and fundraising in the Seacoast area since 1923. We're delighted you are able to be with us at this meeting, and want to share a few requests to make sure you can do your work effectively and in harmony with our meeting.

Portsmouth Rotary is a private organization, and our charitable division is a registered 501c3 non-profit. We welcome your presence at our meeting, and we open our doors to you, but please be respectful. This is not a government body. In general you are asked to observe but not to disrupt or participate in our meeting, our speakers or our members' interaction with the speakers. If you become disruptive, we will ask you to leave. Here are a few specific requests:

1. During the meeting itself, which begins at 12:15 and ends about 1:15, please refrain from wandering the room or having conversations that would disrupt our lunch and meeting. Also, please turn off your cell-phone and do not use it inside the room.

2. We ask you not to engage in Q&A during the meeting, when Q&A is for Rotary members. You are welcome to interview anyone who wishes to talk with you, including the speaker, either before 12:15 or after 1:15.

3. Photographers and videographers should be in a fixed location with their tripods well before 12:15 and not move from that location until after the meeting adjourns. Please do not block our aisles or buffet line, nor clog the exits. We will designate a "camera area" and ask that you stay in that area please.

4. Every one of us pays $26 for lunch. You may pay $26 to the treasurer on duty if you wish to eat: otherwise you are free to be with us at no charge (but not to take food/drink from the buffet). 

5. Frank Firicano is designated to work with you if you have any special needs.

Thank you for your cooperation!