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Ted Alex, a past president of Portsmouth Rotary Club, saw his son, Jeremy, struggle with substance abuse issues. Jeremy Alex disappeared in the woods of Northport, Maine in 2006 and was never seen again.

In his honor, the Portsmouth Rotary Club started the Jeremy Alex Fund to target at-risk kids.

For over 10 years now, Jeremy's legacy has lived on through the fund. The club performs outreach activities such as teaching 4th graders the strategy behind the game of chess and how it relates to real life, decision making and consequences of those decisions. The connection being, had Jeremy made different decisions, he may still be with us today.

Ted wanted to turn something horrific into something positive. Now more than ever with the drug epidemic in our society, the fund aims to try and teach kids early on about the dangers of doing drugs by teaching them something positive and something that provides so many lessons. If you can reach one kid, we've done our job.

In addition to bringing the strategic game of chess into the schools, the fund also provides grants to relevant causes in need. The fund's mission is to build awareness of the drug epidemic and bring drug prevention into the schools in a fun and positive manner that will help kids make better decisions. One kid saved is success.

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