Congratulations to Ted Alex, recipient of the 2nd Annual 
Reverend Gordon Allen Humanitarian Award (2019)
Photo Credit: Rich Beauchesne/Seacoastonline
Congratulations to Ellen Labrie, recipient of the 1st Annual 
Reverend Gordon Allen Humanitarian Award (2018)
  1. To honor the memory of Gordon Allen
  2. To promote the values Gordon Allen embodied (humanitarian, a love of wisdom, humility, lifelong commitment to community) for generations to come
  3. To support meals for the most needy in perpetuity
  1. Recognize an individual (Rotarian or community member) annually who embodies many of Gordon Allen’s values
  2. Make a donation of the fund yield (goal of approximately $500) annually in the recipient’s honor and Gordon Allen’s memory to a local soup kitchen (Salvation Army, Common Table, or similar)
Ellen Labrie
Sara Treacy
Cleo Villaflores
Tom Decker
Leo Gagnon
Paul Lucy
Neal Ouellett
John Pappas
John Rice
Ben Wheeler
James Petersen