Speaker Date Topic
Special Guest Nov 15, 2018
We are going "Bully". Dress appropriately to show respect & stay tuned
Holiday - Thanksgiving - No Meeting Nov 22, 2018
Give Thanks, celebrate, watch sports, meet family & friends (politics?)
Craig Welch, Portsmouth Housing Authority Nov 29, 2018
PHA's Work Force Housing Project on Court Street (River City of course)
Dr. Thomas Clairmont Dec 06, 2018
Reserved Dec 10, 2018
Special Date for Our Holiday Lunch (FEAST!!)
TBA Dec 13, 2018
TBA Dec 20, 2018
No Meeting Dec 27, 2018
Did ya find all the packages - includin that small one?
No Meeting Jan 03, 2019
The New Year's Party Continues!!
Ms. Joan Correll, Hampton Rotary Club Jan 24, 2019
Rotary in Kenya
Dr. Tom King Mar 07, 2019
New Approaches to knee and hip replacement
TBA Mar 14, 2019
Now that is dancin!!